Ternion Wars: Riza Miyamoto 12\" Collectible Figure

Ternion Wars: Riza Miyamoto 12" Collectible Figure

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As the third millennium draws to a close, the Jentek armies continue to spread chaos and destruction throughout the land with their clone assimilation plans. The rebels are fighting a losing battle and the remaining Guardians of Ternia are still spread across the world. Tasked with finding the remaining Guardians, the Niten-Ryu School assigns their best student – Riza Miyamoto. Not since its founding has there been a student of the Niten-Ryu who is as gifted as Riza. Rumored to be a direct descendant of the famed Musashi, Riza wields dual swords and her lightning speed makes her a force to be reckoned with. The Riza Miyamoto 12 Inch Collectible Figure features over 38 points of articulation, hand painted parts and fully clothed items. Her swords are made of full metal, coat includes wires for posing, three pairs of hands for display and highly detailed body armor. The figure includes: - Headsculpt - Alpha body midsize bust - One (1) pair sword gripping hands - One (1) pair fist posed hands - One (1) pair relaxed posed hands - One (1) overcoat with wires for posing - One (1) shorts - One (1) pair leggings - One (1) cloth sidebelt - One (1) pair sandal feet - One (1) set body armor - One (1) pair leg armors - One (1) pair samurai swords with scabbards - One (1) leather sword belt and frogs Creative Team: Headsculpt by Louie Tran Weapons and Accessories: Louie Tran, Ken Takahashi
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