Star Gate: Fossil 1:2 Scale Replica

Star Gate: Fossil 1:2 Scale Replica

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“Looks like some kind of fossil.” Fans of the classic sci-fi action film Stargate know that in the Extended Cut of the film, there is a special scene where Col O’Neil gazes up on an alien fossil hidden away in a special room deep inside the Creek Mountain Military Installation. Upon closer inspection, we see that it is actually a crushed Anubis and Horus preserved in the find. In another extended scene, we learn that this fossil was first discovered by Dr. Langford and her father in Giza when she was just a child back in 1928. The fossil portends of the dangers to be unraveled once our heroes pass through the Stargate. As die-hard fans of the film ourselves, we at Chronicle Collectibles have longed to be able to bring the fan community a tangible piece fromthese extended scenes. We are now proud to present the first-ever officially licensed Stargate Fossil 1:2 Scale Replica! We acquired the actual screen-used prop and digitally scanned it to make a fully accurate scaled replica that Stargate fans will surely love. Measuring a massive 44” by 35” and approximately 3-5” deep in different areas, the Stargate Fossil 1:2 Scale Replica is a spectacular piece that can be displayed flat or wall-mounted like in the movie. This collectible marks a rare opportunity to own a scaled replica from the Extended Cut of the film, and it is frankly an incredible piece of art on its own. Make the jump and order this limited edition collectible before it’s ancient history!
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