Perseus Vs Medusa polystone statue

Perseus Vs Medusa polystone statue

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The legendary Greek hero Perseus was set with an almost impossible task. To kill the Medusa and bring back her head! Medusa, a once beautiful woman was cursed by the goddess Athena and transformed into a horrible Gorgon monster with snakes in place of her hair. Perseus asked for the help of Athena and Hermes, and together they provided him with winged sandals to fly him to the end of the world, a helmet which made him invisible, a sword forged by the gods, and a mirrored shield which was the most important tool on Perseus arsenal against the Medusa since it allowed him to see the reflection of her face without being turned into stone. After the amazing fit of killing and beheading the monster Medusa, Perseus flew back on his winged horse Pegasus using the Medusa head as a weapon in many occasions until he finally returned it to the goddess Athena who placed the Medusa head on her shield. This magnificent 1/6th scale diorama statue sculpted by Andrew Bogolomov and Ehren Bienert captures all the greatness of the triumphant moment where Perseus defeats the Medusa. Perseus is tired, almost dead leaning against the lifeless body of the Medusa, but she was not match for this great hero. Raising her dead head in a symbol of his victory, Perseus fought against all odds and won!
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