HAIBANE RENMEI - Rakka 2 PVC statue

HAIBANE RENMEI - Rakka 2 PVC statue

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Haibane Renmei- one of "ABe Yoshitosi's outstanding work, and the manga made into animation and DVD. From the illustration book based on this animation, "In the Town of Guri, in the Garden of Charcoal Feathers",a unique sculptor - Makoto Kobayashi has worked on illustration from this illusration book. The figure represents well of the world-view of "Haibane". It blends with Mr. ABe's delicate techniques and Mr. Kobayashi's attention to details.Rakka-based on the illustration, can be removed from the base relief which represents the soft cloth. Rakka can be placed on the attached transparent chair, and can be displayed as if she is floating in the air while she is holding legs together
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