Gunn 4 Hire Lola 12

Gunn 4 Hire Lola 12

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Since 1994, the United States leads the privatization of the military with over $300 billion in defense contracts. One of those private military organizations that prospered during the Gulf Wars were a small defense company called Gunn Industries. Today, Gunn Industries has become the biggest military weapons and equipment manufacturer in the world and houses the best private military contractors the world has come to known. But at Gunn Industries, there are secrets that are better left untold. . . Lola: Expeditious Demise Facilitator (EDF) Joining the Gunn Agency at an early age, Lola has quickly moved through the ranks to become one of the industry’s most esteemed operators. Her ever-changing appearance makes her hard to track and her skills as an EDF guarantees her the biggest pay days. But Lola’s looks can be deceiving since her dress code is a tactical ploy against her targets. . . Lola 12 Inch Figure includes the following items: - 1 Lola Headsculpt with Rooted Pig Tails on the Otaku 1.0 Caucasian Skintone body - 1 Black Inner Brassiere - 1 White Fine Sheen Hip-Tie Dress Shirt - 1 Plaid Mini-Skirt with Sewn-In Painties - 1 Pair White Knee High Socks - 1 Pair Black Vinyl Boots - 2 ATAC Submachine Guns with aimpoint, top and bottom rails, ammo clip, silencer, stock and flashpoint - 1 Brown Dual SMG Leather Gun Holster - 1 Pair Pistol Grip Hands - 1 Pair Bomb and Match Holding Hands - 1 Teddy Bear Backpack – features
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