Gears of War 3: Series 1 - Carmine 7\" AF

Gears of War 3: Series 1 - Carmine 7" AF

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The long awaited sequel to the 12+ million selling Gears of War franchise releases this September and we have a brand new line of figures to commemorate this monumental occasion. Sculpted all new from the ground up these are the most articulated and detailed Gears of War figures to date. Featuring over 30 points of articulation, character specific weapons, and all new costumes and armors reflective of their new in-game look. Series 1 includes the main hero, Marcus Fenix with retro Lancer accessory, Damon Baird with Lancer, wrench and screwdrivers, and Clayton Carmine with Lancer accessory. Amazing new articulation includes ab crunch, pectoral movement, double elbows and much much more! Additional weapons can peg to figure’s backs. This is a solid packed case.
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