Dead Cell: Jade Van Helsing 12\" Collectible Figure

Dead Cell: Jade Van Helsing 12" Collectible Figure

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Brought to the attention of the United States Government after the end of World War II, the secret society known as “the Prophets” reveal that the forces of the undead are very real and that all will be lost if they do not gain official help. The US Government creates a new splinter faction called “Dead Cell.” Dead Cell members comprise of only the best special ops members across the world and are armed with the latest technology and weaponry to combat the undead. Led by Abigail Van Helsing, the first Dead Cell team comprises of only five members. Today, there are over two hundred members spread across the world. After years of tumultuous battles with the Ragnaroks, the resistance is beginning to lose hope. With the werewolves, zombies and vampires now banning together to fight as one, the human resistance is outnumbered and outpowered. But just when all hope seems to fade, a new band of hunters rise from the ashes of what was once known as Las Vegas. Jade Van Helsing, the great grand-daughter of the famed Abigail Van Helsing - a blood-line long thought to have been lost - leads the team of hunters from state to state as they crush Ragnarok strongholds to restore the former Dead Cell team. . . The Jade Van Helsing Premium 1/6 Scale Collectible Figure features over 35 points of articulation, hand painted parts and fully clothed items. Her holsters and sword scabbard is completely adaptive and can be worn around the hip, back, or sides for collectors who like to customize their figures. Her overcoat features wires for more poseability. The figure includes: - Hand crafted headsculpt with detailed paintwork and hair styling - Triad Toys’ Alpha Female Action Figure Body with Mid-sized Bust - Pair of Gun Grip Hands - Pair of Sword Grip Hands - Pair of Relaxed Posed Hands - Pair of Jade's Special Revolvers - Leather Gun Holsters and Belt Harness - Tactical Meat Cleaver - Leather Sword Harness - Leather Wrist Gauntlet - Two-toned overcoat with wires for posing - Gold Satin Top - Khaki shorts with leggings - Leather Wrist Band - Leather Shoulder Band - Black Biker Boots
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