Pia Carrot 3 - 1/8 Akemi Hasegawa PVC Statue (18cm)

Pia Carrot 3 - 1/8 Akemi Hasegawa PVC Statue (18cm)

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Welcome to Pia Carrot 3!!! (2003) is a Japanese hentai dating simulation game series by Cocktail Soft. The game was released for Sega Dreamcast and Playstation and is a second true sequel, which took place 1 year after Pia Carrot 2. This is a PVC statue of Hasegawa Akemi in her floral mint waitress uniform, beautifully sculpted based on the previous resin kit release by Tokunaga Hironori. The mould lines are well hidden and the paint job is good. This comes with a sturdy clear plastic base.
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