Marvel: X-Men - Domino Premium Statue

Marvel: X-Men - Domino Premium Statue

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Lucky you! Sideshow presents the Domino Premium Format Figure, joining up with the X-Men Collection. The deadly Domino measures 20 inch tall on top of an X-Men themed Days of Future Cash slot machine riddled with bullet holes. The one-armed bandit is no match for this mutant mercenary - with her foot on the handle, Neena Thurman cashes out on her latest casino victory. Gold coins and shell casings surround the base, featuring Deadpool logos and dollar signs as a part of Domino's big payout. The polyresin Domino Premium Format Figure features an entirely sculpted sleek black costume with textured blue panels designed to mimic the appearance of a real catsuit. Her outfit is detailed with sculpted zippers, stitching, textured blue panels, and tactical gear including several holsters for her weapons and a red X symbol on her utility belt. Domino's pixie cut portrait features strikingly pale skin emblazoned with her iconic eye tattoo, while she waits with a cocky smile on her face. Neena holds one pistol off to the side with a removable plume of smoke as the telltale sign of a battle freshly fought - and won. If you're looking for an X-citing new addition to your X-Men collection, you're in luck! Order the Domino Premium Format Figure for your display of Marvel collectibles today. Weight : 5440 gram Package Dimensions : 27cm x 27cm x 51cm (LxWxH )
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Sideshow  Arthas Statue

Sideshow Arthas Statue

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