Halo: Anniversary Edition - Dutch 6\" AF

Halo: Anniversary Edition - Dutch 6" AF

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The Halo Anniversary Edition celebrates 10 years of the Halo franchise. Expect a major marketing push from Microsoft this fall! The Difficulty Plaque is our very first Halo "build-a-figure" item. This iconic symbol has been featured in every Halo game, and is the perfect emblem to celebrate ten years of Halo. The Difficulty Plaque is only available by collecting these special Anniversary figures, and the more you collect, the higher the difficulty you can create! The completed plaque measures approximately 3 ½ inches tall, and comes with attachments for displaying it on a desk or hanging it on a wall. Collect all five pieces! •Features an All-NEW Master Chief from the series that started it all in 2001: Halo: Combat Evolved •Features an All-NEW figure- Dutch •Features undated versions of Cortana, Arbiter and Grunt •Each figure comes with a piece of the Difficulty Plaque •Halo Anniversary action figures are available in the assortment and solid
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