DC Comics: Poison Ivy Premium Statue

DC Comics: Poison Ivy Premium Statue

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“I have this natural immunity to poisons, toxins, the pain, and suffering of others… Go figure.” Sideshow is proud to present the Poison Ivy Premium Format Figure. Poison Ivy measures 22” tall, standing in the center of a carnivorous plant base with purple petals revealing the toxic temptress. This modern take on Poison Ivy blends danger and desire into one incredible collectible. The Poison Ivy Premium Format Figure has a beautifully detailed portrait with stunning red lips, a coy expression, and a cascade of orange hair dotted with purple blossoms. Her floral physique is carefully sculpted and rendered in polystone, wrapped with intricate vines and leaves creeping across her green figure to form her costume. Pair the Poison Ivy Premium Format Figure with Batman and his other rogues The Joker and Harley Quinn for the ultimate Gotham gathering in your collection.
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