Aldo Wachsam (Gefreiter) Wehrmacht Sentry Kalinin 1941 12

Aldo Wachsam (Gefreiter) Wehrmacht Sentry Kalinin 1941 12

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Detailed 12" military figure with authentic uniform and accessories. Stahlhelm M35/40 (Metal) Winter Helmet Cover Toque Sheepskin Fur Coat M40 Field Blouse (Wehrmacht Schutze) M37 Trousers, Langehosen Sheepskin Boots Kar98k Ammunition Pouch x 2 M31 Breadbag Wehrmacht Equipment Belt M38 Gas Mask Container S84/98 Bayonet M31 Mess Kit S84/98 Bayonet Scabbard M31 Water Bottle Collar Tabs Wehrmacht National Emblem Kar98k Rifle Kar98k Stripper clip Ammunition x 6 M24 Stick Grenade (Stielhandgranate 24) NEO 3 Body Men Hands with Wool Gloves New Character Head Clear Stand Mount
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